Did You Know?

The Lighthouse is the oldest Greek owned restaurant in Winston Salem!


The Early Years

The year was 1954 when George Pappas opened the Lighthouse and laid the foundation of what would come.
The Lighthouse was in the center of a bustling area of businesses. With Sears and Modern Chevrolet just one block up, the State Tax office 2 doors down, and a multitude of other businesses nearby, the Lighthouse flowed with customers.

Alex Fragakis after seeing the potential for the great corner spot, bought the Lighthouse from George. 1962 was the key year when Alex took on Nick Doumas as a partner. Nick was a meticulous cook with a big warm personality. Soon with Nick’s quick smile and razor sharp sense of humor the Lighthouse was booming and quickly became a place where everybody wanted to be!


The Brothers

Only one son was old enough to make the journey from Greece and Nick being the oldest son, sadly had to leave his mother and his brother back in Greece. Nick was 13 when he arrived alone in this great country. It would be 14 more years before he saw his brother again. It soon proved that time and distance had no effect on the strength of their family bond. Nick quickly brought Louis into the Lighthouse and taught him the business and when Alex retired Louis bought into the Lighthouse.


As WS grew so did the Lighthouse

In 1982 the brothers decided to move the Lighthouse to its current location just across the corner. Look outside the front door and you can still see the location where the Lighthouse got its start!
The brothers instilled a legacy of quality food, hard work, and customer service in their sons Harold and Joe Doumas. Just like it was in 1962 you’ll still get the big smiles and friendly service. Just remember when you’re at the Lighthouse you’re with Family!

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Monday-Friday 7am-9pm

Saturday-Sunday- Closed